5 Reasons to Give Your Team a Great Company Off Site

Creating and supporting strong company teams is an ongoing process.

Despite all of the little efforts throughout the year, sometimes your team just needs a day away from the office. They need a moment to step out of their usual roles and workflows and experience a unique and amazing company off-site activity. And, you know, Los Angeles has the best team building activities!

Here are the 5 best reasons to organize a great off-site activity for your team right now:

There is more uncertainty

The business world is getting more and more competitive, complex, and unpredictable. This doesn’t just take a toll on the C-suite. Staff throughout companies feel this tension and uncertainty, and it can really take a toll on productive and engagement. The most important thing is to recognize this is occurring (there’s no use pretending it’s not!). And then, you and your company can work to create exciting and fun opportunities to make your employees feel recognized and celebrated. These efforts, a cornerstone of effective off-site team activities for work, can improve team bonding and make staff feel comfortable in uncertain times.

Staff Retention is Major Issue

The days of staying at one company for 30 years are long gone. And this changes how both companies and people think about their careers, especially in terms of how long people decide to stay. This new setup lends itself to adaptability, yet high staff turnover can be incredibly expensive for companies. Plus, it can take a toll on employee morale to see their friends move on at a speedy clip. Team building activities, especially truly meaningful ones once or a twice a year off site, are a great way to keep your best employees around longer.

Team Bonding Leads to Higher Quality Work

As the challenges facing your business become increasingly complex, their solutions do as well. To be effective, many companies are deploying teams that are more cross-functional than ever before. That means more employees are working with people from different backgrounds and types of expertise than themselves. Cross-functional teams can be a tricky but powerful ingredient for company success. And one of the best ways to create the level of team bonding your company needs is to get your diverse team members out of the office and off-site to really engage with one another in a new environment. Creating opportunities for them to connect, learn, and work together in team building activities increases the likelihood they’ll go back to the office and produce high-quality work.

Team Building is More Powerful than a Raise

As hard as it is to believe, the benefits of giving an employee a raise are very short-lived (we won’t tell your boss!). It turns out that what really matters for keeping staff engaged and excited about coming to work for your company every day is the ability to do challenging, meaningful work with people they respect. What better way to make sure your team loves coming to work than to give them fun, unique experiences outside of the office?

Your Team Deserves to Celebrate!

We could talk about the ROI of a great off-site all day but we all know, at the end of the day, your team deserves a great team bonding experience. Just think about how hard they’ve been working. The big projects. The long hours. The deadlines. They deserve it! Off-sites are like a refresh button for your team, clearing the air, celebrating one another, and bringing everyone together as a team before the next big challenge. It shows them you’ve been paying attention to how hard they’re working and that you really appreciate it so much you want to give them a chance to step away and celebrate!