6 Unique (and effective!) Corporate Team Building Activities in LA

Los Angeles is home to some of the most creative, successful companies in the world. And behind each of those companies are hundreds of teams working together to make amazing things happen. What ends up looking like effortless collaborations to rest of the world is the result of not only amazing individuals but also investments in team building activities.

And Los Angeles has an off-site activity for whatever suits your team’s fancy. Here’s our list of 6 of LA’s most unique and effective team building activities:

1. Museum Hack

Created in New York City by a group of renegade art lovers, Museum Hack has spread to Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, and now Los Angeles. Museum Hack is a totally reimagined museum experience which will get your team out of their shells, interacting, laughing, learning, and bonding in a totally unforgettable way. Some of the world’s biggest brands, from Google to Spotify, have used Museum Hack for team building.

2. cityHunt

cityHunt is all about team building, and they have a variety of formats for companies to choose from including games, workshops, and neighborhood adventures. Operating in more than 100 cities, cityHunt has worked with major clients like Pepsi and RedBull.

3. Feet First Team Building

4. Room Escape

5. Cozy Meal

6. Wise Guy Events

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